Thursday, March 25, 2010

Life choices

Its always hard to choose for something. Its never an easy choice because there are so much factors to think about. For an example your career, sometimes you are not entirely sure why are you doing what you are doing. Did you choose it because of pressure from parents or just because everyone is taking it? Or is it purely your interest?

And then those decisions which does not give effect for the short-term. Instead, it will show when its long term and when it comes you then only regret. Like for an example, buying an apartment. Which during the first few years it may seem a wonderful choice but 10yrs down the road the value suddenly drops because of a highway build directly infront of your unit.

Decisions are hard to make. Its always are... But thats how life is isnt? Challenging!

I just hope I made the right decisions in everyway.. God will lead the way when there it seems no way..

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


You know when you desperate to park and then you just have no choice but to double park your car?

could this be some inspiration for you to do next time? suprisingly the cars in the middle didont move until quite late.. I took a picture of this at 11:30am and when I left my class at 3pm.. it was still park like this..

Monday, March 15, 2010

When you love somebody

Loving someone is like a drug. It is very addictive and you just cannot part. When you are together, you just do not feel the eagerness to please and to love. But when you are away from one and another, you just miss him/her so much.

Love works very weirdly. You know when you are alone and see a pretty young lady you tend to look at her with those eyes and you undress her thinking "oh damn... how nice it would be if Im with her.." or something similiar to that. You are happy if you get her attention and you get butterflies in your stomach if she approaches you and says hi.

But you have a girlfriend which you love her ever so much. Each time you see her you forget everything and thinks that she is even more pretty than the girl you saw in the mall. Eventhough your friends has been telling you "you could do better.", you still think she looks ever so great and you are so proud.

Confusing isnt? I guess thats how love works. It could be different for you or it would be similiar. For me, eventhough its been 3yrs and this is the 4th year, Im still very satisfied when Im with her. Everything in this world is less stressful and happier. I guess its because Im not lonely and I could fall back on a soft cushion when things gets rough.

I still smile when I see her and Im still satisfied although got alot of other xiao mei mei who are extremely kinky and sexy.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Car wash

Somehow the idiot management of my apartment suddenly decided to stop my privilages to wash my car.

For one whole year I've been using that area to wash my car and even the management told me to use that pipe at that area to wash. I went down storming through the door as I was bloody pissed. Literally the whole management office can only hear my voice shouting away. But no use... idiot people even say it is stated in the agreement thinking that I have never read the agreement before. Its not even stated directly or indirectly that I cannot wash my car! Yet they claim its in the agreement that I cannot wash.

So okay... I have to improvise and use my own water. I need a trolley. So, in the mean time I decided to go to car wash to wash my car.


The car wash that is nearest to the apartment has gone up in price. I have no idea why. It was RM15 one year ago when I took there for a wash because I dont know which part of the apartment got water. But when I asked its RM28.50.


okay... moving on. Went to others also. Found the cheapest which was RM3 but it using the machine. Fearing for the bristle of the brush scratching my paint and I need to polish + wax my car again I've decided to go to the petrol station car wash.

SS14 Subang Jaya Esso petrol station has one place to wash car. Thats a very bad mistake sending my car there. I dont know what bloody car shampoo they use. My front bonnet paint just oxidised really really quickly and become from luxious red to FADED. Not only that I have to readjust my mirrors. When you send your car to be washed you expect ur windscreen to be extremely clear isnt? they leave behind streaks of water.

Thats only the minor news. When I came back I decided to polish my bonnet to lift out the faded paint. Thats when I realise...


the whole car is not clean at all... streaks of dirty water can be seen on the paint..

Yes, I love my car being clean and I love it shiny and I hate cars that are dirty and neglected. Im a true car enthusiast and most of the times I dont cut corners..

Im feeling like Im James May. Oh well... Im pedantic.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Whisky adventures #2

I have finish drinking my previous bottle of Glenfiddich 12yrs. Although I've finished another bottle of Glenfiddich 15yrs, I forgot to do a review because of my "hectic" schedule during my holidays! oh well, might as well do this!

Today, I would be drinking this...
Its Balvenie 12yrs Double Wood. As the packaging has explained, it was "marinated" in two different cask. One in whisky oak cask and another one is in sherry oak cask. Why two different cask? Balvenie trying to achieve a unique flavour with its 12yrs I think.

So lets get down to the business!
Can you see the legs?! Haha! Anyways! The nose! It smells sweet with a lingering scent of vanilla. The sweet is not sugary sweet, it is a fruity type of sweet.

Now we move on to the taste. When you take it in, the smell of the sweetness comes to you and when it reaches you tongue, it will taste sweet and spicy. Not only that it has a smooth and mellow taste. There is also one more taste I cant seem to recognise. The disappointing part comes as you swallow it. Usually whisky will leave you a smooth and warming finish, but this, it just goes away. Nothing lingers in the mouth and it just disappears! Leaving the mouth tasteless.

Now its time to add a little water. Dont worry about adding water! Just dont add too much! It will actually change the taste of the whisky! When water is added, there is the taste of cinnamon with decrease spicyness. There is a small hint of walnut also. However, the finish is still the same!

How would I rate this whisky? Although the taste of this whisky is fantastic and really palatable but the finish really spoils it. I wouldnt recommend this nor I would buy it again. But it is still a good whisky to drink. 7 out of 10.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

English is english

You know how big institutions should have better than average english? Since Taylors is one hell of a big institution and everything is conducted in english, you would have an idea that the english there is up to standard.

But this appeared...Observe #1 and #2. It is indeed conflicting with each other. Yes I know what are they trying to say but just imagine is the england on this is correct?

Im going to quote Sonya on this, she said "cos u know kan, "to book" means to "order prior to use"" "which means, "in advance" la".

Not bad huh for taylors? way to go! how to book when I cannot book?


Sunday, March 7, 2010


You know when you buy something and you get really bad service? You tend to get really pissed and want to share everyone with it and deep down inside you, you want the shop to go bankrupt.

So you went on your journey telling people...
"That shop is terrible! the worst shop I've been to!"

your friends listen and listen. You complain and complain.. and in the end when they ask you a simple question...
"where/what is that shop you are talking about?"

"haiyah.. that shop lah... dont talk about it already.."


"haiyah.. no need to know the shop name.. just watch out only.."


"haiyah.. not good to tell the name of the shop leh.. ppl can hear.."

OMFG LAH.. WHY LAH DONT TELL.. if the shop is clever enough to encourage more people to come and enjoy their services, they will surely accept critisism and act on it.

so please... you are doing society a BIG BIG BIG BIG FAVOR if you expose the place where you get those bad services..